Groom suit goes free

This month promotion we are offering 6 suits for the price of 5, that means the groom get his suit for free.

This is not limited to one collection or one style, the groom can pick any suit in our collection.

This promotion is valid for all Tweed and linen suits.


To take advantage of this offer, add 6 suits to the cart,

then enter the code: GRF3.

This offer is available on all mens tweed and linen suits, inclusive of pre order listings.

In the scenario that the grooms suit has been purchased and another additional 5 are required, we advice to add 6 suits to the cart for the code to work, the original order (groom suit) will get refunded back. The original groom purchase can date back up to 90 days.

Please advice this is offer is only valid if all 6 suits are purchased together, we can't honour orders which are made individually. We can send the suits to different address, please leave this information in the notes section in cart.

This promotion is valid for sale items, however you can not combine this promotion with any other discount codes. Quoted discounts on other variations are still valid but can not be used with promotion.

The 6 suits can include, kids, adults and female collections.

Once ordered and delivered all 6 suits must be kept for the promotion to remain valid, any returned suits from the order will invalidate the free suit. The refund on the certain items will be adjusted to reflect the void promotion.

This offer does not effect our terms and conditions to the customer, Customer rights to return or exchange an items are still honoured. 

Customers choosing to take advantage of this offer but opt for a delivery date later in the year can do so. Please let us know if the notes section in the cart in advance.

This offer is not limited to the united states, customer around the world can use this promotion.

Customers looking to order 7 suits or less than 5, we advice to reach out to for a unique offer bespoke to the individual group.