Tweed and Weddings

Tweed and Weddings

Are you looking a tweed for your wedding day? Tweed suits have become the new standard for modern weddings. The tweed material is soft and well finished, ideal for an outdoor wedding. Tweed is a coarsely woven fabric that is made of wool.

It is a thick, robust fabric and can be expensive. A high-quality pure wool fabric that is considered a classic. The nuts and bolts of a tweed suit are getting it right, and that's the case with most claims.

Here are some tips to make a tweed wedding suit look perfect on your big day.

Choose Your Color Palette:

When it comes to colors, you have more leeway at a wedding or derby than you do at work. If there's a color theme, it's helpful to have a color swatch with you when choosing your wedding suit

When in doubt, a plain medium gray goes with everything. Try not to choose a shade that is too light, as it may wash you out. Navy blue is very versatile and flatters any complexion.

One last piece of advice on fabric selection: Choose a flat fabric rather than a shiny one. A matte material absorbs light instead of reflecting it. It will make your suit look more colorful.

Choose A Style You Are Familiar With:

If you are new to choosing tweed but want to make the look work for your big day. We recommend staying away from the deep end. And choose a suit you would not normally wear. Play it safe with some elements of your look, and you are guaranteed to feel comfortable.

Right Accessories: 

A tweed suit is not complete without a pair of brogues. No matter what color you choose to match your suit, you need them to complete the look. 

If you choose a three-piece tweed suit, you'll still need to accessorize it. It means a coordinating shirt is a must, and a matching tie and pocket square are also essential.


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Bottom Line:

One thing you have to love about tweed suits, is their versatility. You can mix and match them with other clothing items like pants and vests. You will never look like you forgot to change after work with tweed suits. It's the perfect outfit for all occasions. 

Whatever color or style, wear it wisely and with confidence.  Remember that a gentleman's best accessory is a smile and check out our Tweed Suits for Weddings at Abitto.